Pocket Tunes Deluxe 4.0.6

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Pocket Tunes Deluxe is fully compatible with:

  • Palm OS 5.0
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Only available for 15-day trial.


Versions of Pocket Tunes Deluxe

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Version License Language O.S.
Pocket Tunes Deluxe 4.0.6 15/01/08 Trial version English
  • Palm OS 5.0

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Pocket Tunes turns your Palm device into a portable audio player! Play music and audio books from your collection, or subscribe to an online music service to gain access to millions of unique songs! With Pocket Tunes Deluxe, you can even listen to Internet radio anywhere that you have wireless Internet access.

Key features of Pocket Tunes Deluxe include:

  • Play compressed audio files (MP3, WMA, or Ogg Vorbis) or uncompressed WAV files from a flash memory card or stream MP3 live over your wireless Internet connection
  • WMA File Playback. Fit more music on your handheld with smaller WMA files
  • Windows Media Player integration. Copy music easily from Windows Media Player
  • Improved Organization. Organize your music by artist, album, and genre
  • Ogg Vorbis and WAV support are available as separate plugins to save space
  • Streaming MP3. Listen to ShoutCast Internet radio
  • Large screen support. Take full advantage of large displays
  • 3rd party application support. Play MP3 alarms, ringtones, and more.
  • Crossfade. Smoothly fade from one song to the next
  • No skipping between songs recorded from live albums or DJ mix CDs
  • Bookmarks. Never lose your place again in your audio books or music
  • Auto-Bookmark. Automatically create bookmarks. (deluxe version only)
  • FAST MP3 playback. Decodes in real-time without any skips or delays
  • Background Playback. Listen to tunes while using other Palm applications
  • Hi-Fi Graphic Equalizer. Optimize your MP3 listening experience
  • Bass Boost. Crank up the bass to enjoy your tunes
  • Screen Blanking. Turn off the screen to conserve battery life
  • Switch tunes and change volume while using other applications
  • Skins. Personalize Pocket Tunes with any of the dozens of freely-available skins
  • High Resolution. Take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of your Palm
  • Play Ogg Vorbis and WAV Files. Play Ogg Vorbis and uncompressed WAV files
  • Use the Five-Way navigator to control Pocket Tunes with one hand
  • Play Lists. Use play lists to organize your music collection
  • Shuffle and Repeat. Change the play order of your music

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